ZAP workshops for bullied children

Positive outcomes

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The core focus of ZAP is to teach young people how to be assertive, a proven technique for preventing and tackling bullying.

Other workshop objectives are to raise confidence and self-esteem, achieved through the use of positive reinforcement throughout the day, and interaction with the other young people they meet, enabling them to realise that they are not alone in their experience and that they are not to blame.

It also equips parents and carers with the skills and confidence to support their child after the workshop.

Fantastic feedback

The success of this approach is shown in the positive outcomes of the ZAP workshop, and the fantastic feedback we receive from the families who attend.

Of the young people who attend:

  • 95% feel better about themselves and 99% more assertive
  • 80% are more able to deal with bullying, long-term, and over two-thirds see a significant and sustained drop in bullying.
  • 89% feel more supported by parents/carers
  • 79% are attending school more often.
“Thank you so much for helping me through this hard time” - young person

Parents also benefit and report feeling less alone (98%), and having gained greater knowledge about how to communicate effectively with the school (98%). After two months, 70% have been able to find out more about local sources of support, and 90% feel more able to support their child.

“It made me realise that I haven't done anything wrong as a parent, we are not on our own with this, there are others out there going through the same situations, and we can get support” - parent

You can find out more about positive outcomes in our latest ZAP impact leaflet.

We also asked some of the parents who attended with their child to share their experience of ZAP – you can find their stories here.

“I will be forever grateful because I think it has literally changed my daughter’s life. She shines with teenage joy in life now. The bullies either no longer bother with her, or she has the confidence/skills to cope with them in a new and improved way. She is a new, happy and confident teenager and it is wonderful to see. In one day you've shown her that she is a lovely and kind person and she believed you. I think that learning those assertive skills amongst her peers, who are all in a similar situation, was instrumental and in my mind made all the difference to her. Thank you so much!” - parent

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