ZAP workshops for bullied children

Positive outcomes

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The core focus of ZAP is to teach young people how to be assertive, and equip parents/carers with the skills and confidence to support their child after the workshop.

To be assertive is to be at ease in your surroundings and interact with others in a manner that respects both you and those around you. Learning to be assertive is a proven technique for preventing and tackling bullying, as those who bully others often target people who behave passively, i.e. people who behave as if others' rights matter more than theirs.

The success of this approach is shown in the positive outcomes of the ZAP workshop, and the fantastic feedback we receive from the families who attend.

Participant feedback

Within three months of attending ZAP, young people: 

Are bullied less. 93 per cent of young people report that their experience of bullying has significantly reduced.

Have higher self-esteem. Of the 73 per cent who stated they felt bad about themselves before ZAP, only 18 per cent agreed with this statement after attending.

Are more confident. 95 per cent felt confident after ZAP compared with only 22 per cent before. 

Have greater school attendance. 44 per cent of children stayed off school regularly before attending ZAP. After ZAP 9 per cent were still truanting, but of this 9 per cent, 60 per cent were truanting less.

"I would just like to thank you for making me realise that the bullying wasn't my fault and that I was worth a lot more than I thought." Young person

After attending ZAP, parents and carers report that they:

  • feel more equipped in how to support their child;
  • have greater knowledge of the anti-bullying services available to them;
  • are able to approach their child's school to resolve bullying problems with greater confidence.
"Your advice gave me strength to fight for the safety and happiness that my son deserves." Parent

To read more feedback from ZAP attendees, click here.

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