Anti-Bullying Champion (ABC) Training


To train year 5 pupils to become anti-bullying champions and take a proactive role in preventing bullying in their schools. The training will equip pupils with the knowledge and confidence to prevent and tackle bullying, to share this knowledge and confidence with their peers and enable them to develop ideas for driving forward anti-bullying initiatives within their schools.

How is the training delivered?

A Kidscape trainer will work with a group, or whole class, of Year 5 pupils for the period of a day. After that, the school is expected to support pupils to achieve their actions.

During the workshops, pupils will explore:

  • The role of an ABC
  • The definition of bullying and its different forms, including cyber and homophobic bullying
  • The role of bystanders and the important part they play in reducing bullying
  • How to help others feel confident in reporting bullying incidents that occur in or outside of school
  • How to actively spread anti-bullying messages across the school community and prevent bullying in their school

What could the ABCs do?

Following the training, the anti-bullying champions should be supported to plan activities to support the school's anti-bullying approach. This might include:

  • Assemblies
  • Anti-bullying workshops
  • Surveys
  • Anti-bullying awareness sessions for parents/carers
  • Producing anti-bullying pledges/posters
  • Setting up anti-bullying strategies in the playground
  • Setting up new ways that pupils can report bullying
  • Carry out peer-support activities

What do pupils say about the sessions?

"I have learnt how to deal with bullying properly."
"They told us important information but it was fun at the same time."
"I am thrilled with what I have learnt!"
"It was very fun because I learnt a lot and we did some team work."
"I can't wait to be an anti-bullying champion!"


£550 plus travel and VAT. This includes an ABC handbook, certificate and badge for each young person attending.

To download the infographic report from the partnership work with Camden Schools Improvement Service click here.

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