ZAP workshops for bullied children

Participant feedback

Recent feedback from young people and parents who have attended a ZAP anti-bullying workshop in Birmingham, London or the North East.

"School was the worst and I didn't know how to deal with it. I am so glad we found [ZAP] and now I enjoy learning and school again." Young person
"Now I know what to do when I am bullied!" Young person
"A big thank you for allowing my son to attend the workshop... It is the most positive my son has been in several months." Parent
"I think you and your team are truly amazing. We were in despair and it has given us hope!" Parent
"Thank you for the ZAP workshop, it was very helpful and really good to listen to other parents." Parent
"It will help me to support my child and hopefully give her the confidence to seek further help without fear of consequences." Parent
"We will use the new skills as a family. We needed to know this kind of stuff. Feeling educated." Parent
"I wanted to come on this course before approaching the school for a second time. I feel better equipped to make more effective approaches now." Parent
"It has helped me to be more confident and brave when I am around bullies." Young person
"Thank you for an amazing day." Parent
"Lots learned, lots still sinking in, lots to work with." Parent
"The course was hugely beneficial." Parent
"We were amazed and pleased to see the difference in (our daughter) within days of attending the ZAP workshop. The support of the group and the tools given on the day are very useful." Parent
"I just really enjoyed finding out how I could cope with bullies after so long." Young person
"She has been on good form since [the workshop] and her confidence seems better! Hopefully knowing how to deal with a situation if it arises will allay her fears and reduce her anxiety." Parent

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