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"I don’t know how I would have got through this year without my mentor, it’s been amazing to have someone to talk to."

Kidscape worked with 11 Wiltshire secondary schools and academies to establish sustainable and effective formalised peer mentoring programmes; matching older pupils with younger pupils in one-on-one relationships to provide guidance and serve as positive role models.

The programme aimed to enhance early intervention and prevention of low level mental health and wellbeing issues amongst pupils.

Kidscape trained and supported school staff in peer mentoring who then trained and supported pupils in their schools to become the peer mentors.

The peer mentors supported fellow pupils with emotional health and wellbeing issues including problems with schoolwork, social issues, peer pressures (e.g. to drink or smoke), family problems and tension; bullying and other typical difficulties with growing up.

"Becoming a peer mentor has helped me gain better social skills and a better understanding of people’s problems."
"I can definitely see myself continuing with the programme, I enjoy helping others and it’s something that makes me happy."

Why is peer mentoring important?

  • One in four people on average experience a mental health problem, with the majority of these beginning in childhood.
  • Half of adult mental health problems start before the age of fifteen and seventy five per cent before the age of eighteen.
  • Early identification and treatment is critical to preventing costly and more serious problems later in life, including unemployment, crime and substance misuse.
  • Peer mentoring can provide support to pupils who need it - those with low level emotional wellbeing difficulties, which could otherwise progress into more serious problems.

Peer mentoring programmes provide:

  • An initial point of contact from which to seek information, support and build life skills in a language that is both familiar and acceptable
  • A listening ear and helping hand to pupils in need of support
  • A safe and personalised approach to help young people share and explore their worries and emotions around sensitive issues they are experiencing.

Who benefits?

  • Peer mentors
  • Mentees
  • Teachers
  • The whole school community

Kidscape peer mentoring training

Kidscape are able to offer schools around the country a similar package of support and training. For more information please email


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