Feedback from schools

Get involved - pupil conference

There is strong evidence that the programme has made a real difference to the children who took part.  This is just some of the feedback from Year 4 and Year 5 pupils:

"The most useful thing I have learnt from BIT is that if you are a bystander you can help too."
"I have learnt a lot from the lessons, and this will help me in the future."
"Doing the bullying sessions has made me feel confident to stand up for myself."

Feedback from professionals was also overwhelmingly positive:

"An excellent session. Insightful, interactive, and full of useful tips and activities for delivering this scheme" Y5 Class Teacher

Schools that completed the project have recognised the huge difference it has made to the children:

"This has been an excellent programme and helped us to focus on our anti-bullying practices. Both the staff and children have a greater understanding of bullying and the tools to deal with it." Head teacher
"Children have become more vocal about bullying... Some children have spoken to me about how they recognise that they need to change how they speak to others and how it could be interpreted as bullying. This has encouraged them to stop. One child has told me that he now feels more confident in speaking out and using Kidscape strategies when he feels he is being verbally bullied. Kidscape has made a positive impact as it has helped to empower the child." Assistant Headteacher

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