Information for parents, young people and professionals

Our resources provide information on issues surrounding bullying, online and personal safety. They can be used directly by young people and parents, as well as in the classroom within schools and youth organisations.

Classroom resources

Being Me

Being Me is a free anti-bullying classroom resource that seeks to celebrate difference and promote inclusion by giving young people in years 5-8 an invaluable insight into the potential challenges being faced by their peers.

Being Me - Kidscape

Being Me - Carers Trust

Being Me - Diversity Role Models

Being Me - Potential Plus

Being Me - The National Autistic Society

Celebrating difference and promoting friendship

This worksheet includes a range of engaging games and activities that celebrate difference and promote inclusive behaviour. This resource as is most suitable for KS1-KS3, but each activity can be adapted for most age groups.

Celebrating difference and promoting friendship

Dealing with anger and recognising emotions

This worksheet includes a range of informative and practical exercises that help young people to recognise when they or their peers are getting angry, and offer safe, inoffensive suggestions on how they can stay calm. This resource is most suitable for KS2-KS3, but each activity can be adapted for most age groups.

Dealing with anger and recognising emotions

Resources for parents and carers

Kidscape log and school contact record

The Kidscape log is here to help you share with the school anything that has happened either in school, on the way to and from school, or online, that is making you feel sad or scared.

A school contact record is also included to help you keep track of contact you have had with the school about a bullying situation.

Kidscape log

School contact record

How to support your bullied child

This leaflet has been prepared jointly by Kidscape, Red Balloon Learner Centres and Coram Children's Legal Centre to offer parents and carers ways in which they can help their child.

How to support your bullied child

Preventing bullying - a guide for parents

This brief guide gives general advice and information about bullying, how to support your child and work effectively with the school.

NOTE: Some references are made to Kidscape's anti-bullying helpline for parents, but unfortunately this service is no longer available. Please refer to our Parent Advice Line instead.

Preventing bullying - a guide for parents

Grandparent guide to bullying and digital safety

Giving grandparents the information they need to support their grandchildren through bullying and the digital world.

Grandparent guide to bullying and digital safety

Holiday safety guidelines for parents

Holidays are a time for both parents and children to relax and have fun, but it's important that child safety still remains in the forefront of your mind. We have put together some basic, easy to remember tips to help the whole family enjoy their time away.

Holiday safety guidelines for parents

Resources for young people

Don't Bully Me!

Advice booklet for primary age children. If you are being bullied or know someone who is, this booklet will help you.

This booklet covers topics including:

  • What is bullying?
  • Why do bullies do it?
  • Why do they bully me?
  • How can I stop them?
  • What if I bully someone?
  • Help and advice

Don't Bully Me!

Cyber bullying - advice for young people

Cyber bullying can seem like a never ending torment, especially when there are many people involved. But there are steps you can take, and people you can talk to in order to make it stop. This free guide explains what cyber bullying is, how to prevent being a target or cyber bully and who you can talk to if you need help.

#DontSayDontSend resource

Moving up to secondary school

Making the transition into secondary school can be a daunting time. Our free leaflet offers advice and tips on how to overcome the most common fears. This advice will also be relevant if you are changing schools.

Moving up to secondary school

You can beat bullying

Bullying affects many young people across the world - and not just those who are targeted.

This booklet gives a range of advice for both the young people who have experienced bullying, and those who think they have been involved in bullying others.

You Can Beat Bullying

Resources for professionals

Kidscape training handouts

We are a leading provider of  safeguarding, anti-bullying, peer mentoring and online safety training to schools, sports clubs and organisations that have contact with children and families.

Please download our training handouts below or view our Training section for more information.

Advanced Safeguarding and Child Protection.pdf

Basic Safeguarding and Child Protection.pdf

Bullying Awareness Training for Staff.pdf

Bullying Awareness Training for Young People.pdf

Online Safety and Cyberbullying Awareness for Parents and Carers.pdf

Online Safety and Cyberbullying Awareness for Staff.pdf

Peer Mentoring Programme.pdf

Information for Local Authorities

Information on Kidscape's programmes and services.

Information for local authorities.pdf

Anti-bullying school policy and procedures checklist

This checklist is intended to guide senior management teams through the production of an effective anti-bullying policy. It is also intended to be used as a list of criteria for all professionals to assess their current policy against. All guidelines within this checklist have been formulated in response to the best practice standards set by the Department for Education and Ofsted.

Anti-Bullying Policy Checklist

E-Safety school policy and procedures checklist

The use of the internet has become fully integrated into the lives and often education of young people. In response to this, schools are now expected to produce official guidelines promoting the safe and responsible use of the internet and digital communications amoung its students and staff. This checklist aims to illustrate what a best practice e-safety policy looks like, and is intended to be used by a senior management team.

E-Safety Policy Checklist

Preventing and tackling bullying

A comprehensive resource offering steps on how to create a best practice anti-bullying strategy within a school or organisation that works with groups of children and young people.

Preventing and tackling bullying

Cyberbullying and online safety

Guidelines on how to create a best practice e-safety strategy within a school or organisation that works with groups of children and young people. It is an ideal resource to be used in conjunction with the E-Safety school policy and procedures checklist above.

Cyber bullying and online safety

Help with bullying in the workplace

Bullying can happen anywhere. The best workplaces are those that take a preventative approach, raising awareness and supporting staff to take action.

Our workshop will help staff:

  • Understand bullying and harassment
  • Explore and recognise the impact of bullying on individuals, teams and work culture
  • Learn practical based strategies for handling bullying situations
  • Develop a positive culture where staff are empowered to take action

Help with bullying in the workplace.pdf

Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe

Feeling Happy

It’s Mohammed’s birthday, and the children are feeling happy with dancing and cake!

Feeling Safe

Jack feels unsafe when he climbs up too high. His dad helps him feel safe again.

Getting Lost

Sophia gets lost in the shop. She remembers her mum’s advice to wait where she is and find someone who works in the shop to help her.

Saying No

Emily says “NO!” when Jack tells her to do something silly. The children practice saying no.


”I can say no if I don’t want my body to be touched or tickled!” The children talk about touching.

Watching Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe With Young Children

Stories are a wonderful way for children to learn important messages. Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe is a series of five short videos suitable for early years children to watch with parents, carers or professionals and discuss. This guide is for watching with one child, or a small group.

Watching FHFS with children.pdf

Annual Reviews

Annual Review 2017-18

Introduction from our CEO

Change is difficult. There are no two ways about it and we have been through a time of reflection, challenge and transformation. With core funding streams drawing to a close we have had to look at how we can be small at the centre but ambitious about extending our reach to children and families in need.

We have carefully considered our future and are clear that our gift is to provide practical support to children and families facing a bullying situation. We know that our ZAP workshops are a precious lifeline to families and want to make these available to many more children in England and Wales. One parent shared that ZAP ‘was the start of life improving for my child and our family’.

We want to draw alongside children and families when they need us most. We want to build a Kidscape community, encouraging and empowering children, parents, carers and teachers throughout England and Wales to stop bullying and keep children safe. We also want to build an army of supporters to raise awareness of Kidscape and help fund our vital work.

With your help we can give hope. Will you join us?

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO


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