ZAP workshops for bullied children

Val attended a ZAP workshop in Newcastle with her daughter Cerys – we asked her what impact it’s had


Photo: Young people taking part in a ZAP workshop

I think Cerys [15] is a bit more confident, she's still reluctant to go into new situations because she's still a bit nervous about being bullied, but once you get her there she copes a lot better. I would say she's less nervous than she used to be.

I think she found the whole thing useful but I think one of the good things for her was meeting the girl there who had herself been bullied when she was at school, but had come out the other side. I think that really helped her realise things can change and I think a lot of the techniques are things that maybe we've spoken to her about, but coming from your parents it's not always what you want to hear. But listening to somebody else and actually trying it, where she could see how she felt more confident with her body language and things like that, I think that helped her as well.

She's moved school so she's not being bullied anymore because she's in a different place, but there are a couple of kids who she finds a bit intimidating and I think she's coping with that a bit better... she will just say, stop it, go away, leave me alone and walk away - whereas before she would either get really upset or lash out so I think it's helped her take a step back.

To find out more about our ZAP workshops, click here. If your child is under 9, you can also contact our Parent Advice Line.

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