Preventing Youth Radicalisation and Managing Kidscape’s EARA Programme


By Jade Gayle, Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness Project Manager

Managing Kidscape’s EARA (Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness) programme is political, challenging, but also a vital part of Kidscape’s safeguarding work.

When I tell new acquaintances what I do the most common reaction seems to be for their jaw to drop and for them to ask me what on earth convinced me to move into this line of work, but these days you only have to watch the news to understand EARA’s importance.

Moving from teaching to managing education projects, I didn’t expect to end up discussing counter-terrorism strategy. But in reality these matters are now very close to home.

The youth of individuals involved in recent terror events further demonstrates the need for programmes like EARA; which aims to equip students with critical thinking skills that help safeguard them against radicalisation.

The EARA project is currently being delivered in secondary schools across 10 London boroughs. It combines specialist safeguarding training, with student workshops and whole-school initiatives. No school or borough is the same, so things are tailored to local need, with add-ons like parent workshops also available. The programme has the potential to help safeguard tens of thousands of young people and their wider communities, so it’s a pleasure and a big responsibility to manage.

We have a very talented team delivering the EARA project, with backgrounds combining criminology, human rights, theology and education. I hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog series over the next few weeks, as the EARA team share their experience and passion for this area of work.

The EARA programme is currently free for secondary schools in 10 London boroughs. Find out if your borough is eligible

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