Goodbye to Zainab!


By Zainab Sulaiman
Former Parent Line Advisor

It has been a great privilege to have been part of the Kidscape team as the Parent Line Adviser, but it is with great sadness that I have decided to leave Kidscape to start a new role.

I have been at Kidscape for 18 months, running our Parent Advice Line service, which provides advice, guidance and support to parents and carers who are concerned about their child being bullied.

Diverse range of needs

I’m proud to say that I found that majority of the callers almost always found the support and advice they were looking for. The callers had a diverse range of needs, from something as simple as accessing anti-bullying policies to contacting the police about serious bullying.

It wasn’t all easy: it was hardest parents would break down having lost all hope of schools supporting them to keep their child safe. I often found that parents would also hesitate to request formal meetings with schools, as they were too afraid to upset the school and possibly make things worse for their child.

On the whole, it’s been rewarding. I’ve felt like I’ve been giving parents hope by going through a step by step plan on how they could positively tackle the bullying. It’s the best feeling in the world when parents call back to leave positive feedback on the outcome.

In the last year the Parent Advice Line has supported 396 callers by providing advice and guidance to overcome barriers to tackle bullying behaviour in and out of school. On top of that, I’ve been supporting beneficiaries with building their self-esteem and confidence as well as their child’s self-esteem.

The Parent Advice Line has become an integral part of Kidscape, providing much needed advice to those that need advice and guidance. We’ve recruited my successor, and the line will stay open.

I know that Kidscape will continue to do amazing things for those in need and wish Kidscape great success.

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