From South America to Safeguarding UK Students from Radicalisation


By Mariana
EARA Project Assistant, Kidscape

When I left my home country eight years ago to pursue a career working for non-governmental organisations, I had no idea what waited for me in unfamiliar lands. Growing up in Brazil, I developed an interest in social justice and protecting those most vulnerable in society. Back then, extreme poverty was rife and street children were a common sight, and this created in me a wish to act for social change in some way in my professional life.

After I moved to Europe, I had the opportunity to study international child protection and gain theoretical and practical experience in this field. In my past work, I have attempted to face the challenge that abstract concepts pose in reality, and I have found that witnessing the day-to-day of persons in need of assistance, such as an unaccompanied child asylum seeker or a vulnerable individual who needs to navigate the care system, gave me invaluable lessons that I will carry with me forever. These lessons include the value of giving people a voice and the importance of giving individuals the tools to protect themselves against harm and to defend their rights.

Working at Kidscape allows me to build on the experience I acquired in the field of child protection and also gives me the chance to see first-hand the challenges and rewards of working for a charitable organisation. This gives me the opportunity to help safeguard thousands of children and assist in giving them the tools necessary so that they can protect themselves against harm.

The EARA programme is currently free for secondary schools in 10 London boroughs. To find out if your borough is eligible click here.

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