How will young people's data be protected? A challenge to the tech industry

By Peter Bradley, Director of Services

The new proposed Data Protection Bill is offering the public more control over what happens to personal information and in particular children and young people benefiting from personal data and information being removed which was posted when they were under the age of 18.

This all sounds great but will it really work?

What if the electronic data is held outside of Britain or the EU? The regulations apply to data held within these countries but not outside.

Inappropriate images shared by thousands of people will surely still be traceable. How can this be stopped?

Until the mechanics of this proposal is presented by the tech industry including the social media companies, are we not giving young people a false sense of security? I’m afraid that using sweeping headlines around the world like we have seen in the last 48 hours which is suggesting data collected as a child can be “forgotten” is setting young people up to be hurt.

So this is the bottom line question I put to the data protection industry, “Can a young person’s comments he/she has made, comments made about them by others and photographs and images of the child/young person be removed? And if so, please tell me how.

Until we have clear clear guidance and reassurance by the experts, children and young people throughout the UK will remain vulnerable in their online lives.

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