No child should be afraid of returning to school because of bullying

Back to school

With the start of the new academic year, thousands of children across Britain will be preparing to return back to school. For many it will be an exciting time catching up with school mates and teachers.

However, for thousands of children and young people, the start of the new term is faced with fear and dread. The reason - school bullying is still an overwhelming concern for many students. Although the summer may have provided much needed respite for many targets of bullying, if nothing is done to make it stop, they will be returned to the misery that bullying brings.

With one in three students experiencing school bullying, it is important both pupils and their parents know what they can do to make it stop.

Kidscape's website provides comprehensive information for those who are experiencing bullying at school. Whether it be verbal, physical, emotional or cyber bullying, we have expert advice on what young people, parents and professionals can do to help bring it to an end.

In addition to our online information, we deliver training workshops within schools which offer students, parents and/or teachers the skills they need to address bullying, and create a safe, nurturing school environment.

For families, we also offer free ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops for bullied young people aged 9-16 in Birmingham, London and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Peter Bradley, Kidscape's director of services says: "With the new term just beginning, Kidscape aims to support young people returning back to school. No young person should be feeling afraid of returning to school because of bullying. Kidscape can help teachers with anti-bullying policies and procedures; we can also help students go to school feeling more confident and assertive - I urge anyone who is being bullied to attend one of our free ZAP anti bullying workshops. We have a tremendous amount of experience in helping bullied children and young people across the UK".


  • To speak to a press officer please call 020 7730 3300 or email
  • Information and advice about bullying for young people, parents and professionals can be found here.
  • Details about our FREE ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops can be found here.
  • If you are an educator and would like to know more about Kidscape's professional training in schools, click here.

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