Top Tips to Support Troubled Sleep

The Sleep Charity provides sleep support to families who have sleep issues as well as training to professionals. 

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Top Tips to Support Troubled Sleep




  • Try to keep to a consistent bedtime/wake time. If things have drifted then start to move them slowly by about 15 minutes every few days until they are back on track. 
  • Be consistent, our body clocks thrive on routine. Having a set wake up time 7 days a week is important.
  • Try to encourage youngsters to get outside for at least half an hour each morning. Daylight supports our body clocks, helping us to wake up and suppress the sleep hormone. 
  • Make the hour before bed a screen free zone. Screens produce a blue light that trick our bodies into thinking it is daylight and make us feel more alert. 
  • Dim the lights in the hour before bed to help youngsters to produce melatonin, this is the sleep hormone that helps us to nod off more easily.  
  • Try to schedule in time to talk about worries away from the bedtime routine. We want bedtime to be positive and relaxing. 




For more information about sleep support visit and follow them on Facebook where they post regular tips to help to support a better night's sleep. 

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