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Your money + Our expertise = Safer Children

There, we’ve said it. We won’t beat around the bush with “support” and “generosity”. What we mean (and you know it) is that we need your money so that we can carry on delivering effective, supportive projects which make a real and lasting difference to the people we work with. We have been working in the anti-bullying and child protection field for over 30 years, and nobody has more experience or knowledge than us about the issues we deal with.

The money which funds Kidscape comes entirely from voluntary donations – in other words, we don’t have contracts with anybody like the Government to deliver services and we don’t sell things to raise money. We apply to trusts and foundations (like the Big Lottery Fund) for certain parts of our work, but these grants are incredibly hard to achieve and are very restricted in terms of how we can use the money. What we need most of all is money from fundraising events, company partnerships, community groups and individuals who all believe in our work and trust us to use their money where it is most needed and in the most effective way.

We have had some very difficult financial years recently, where for 4 years in a row our income didn’t match our expenditure. In 2015-16 we were very fortunate to be able to report a surplus, but this does not by any means guarantee our survival, although it does give us some much-needed stability. We are also very effective in our fundraising – for every pound we spent during the last year, we raised £9.40 (the average for the charity sector is £4.20), and for every pound donated to us, 89p is spent directly on our charitable activities.

By making a donation to Kidscape you will be helping us to continue our decades-long, well-documented work in protecting children from bullying and many other dangers, and giving adults the skills and knowledge they need to keep children they care for safe from harm.

Thank you for your support.

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