Event checklist

1. Who? What? Where? When?

Before organising any event, you will need to carefully consider your target audience and ensure that the date, time and venue you choose will be suitable for your guests and the type of event.

2. Spread the word

Once the details are decided, it’s time to drum up interest from everyone you know. Create posters, advertise in local venues and shops, and use social media to spread the word. Contact local media and ask them to promote what you are doing.

3. Set a budget

As fundraising is the main mission of your event, keep track of what you spend. Prepare a spreadsheet early on in your planning; mapping out all of your expenditures and the way you can make a profit e.g. through entrance tickets, bucket collections, raffles, auctions, programme advertisement and/or refreshment sales. Remember to always look for a good deal when purchasing items or services for your event, and never be shy to ask for a freebie!

4. Delegate

Don’t try to do it all on your own, enlist the help of family and friends. Make sure you delegate responsibilities clearly so everyone knows who is doing what - and create a timetable for the event to make sure it runs smoothly. Doing all this means that you will have time to enjoy the event too.

Remember, we can provide fundraising material such as collection pots, buckets and t-shirts and we can give you a ‘Letter of Authority’ that you can use to approach companies to obtain prizes - just contact fundraising@kidscape.org.uk.

5. Target corporate supporters

Approaching companies for support is a really effective way to bring down the costs of your event. You can request a donation of money, products or experiences to raffle or auction.

It is a great idea to bring your fundraising to your workplace, check with your employer if they are willing to match what you raise – offering an easy way to double your income whilst raising money and awareness among your colleagues through advertising in newsletters, notice boards or in the intranet.

6. Sending your donation to Kidscape

Getting your money to us is simple and hassle free:

  • Cheques: make sure they are made payable to Kidscape and contact fundraising@kidscape.org.uk for details of the best postal address at the current time.
  • Online: through Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving
  • Cash: pay it straight into the Kidscape account - just contact fundraising@kidscape.org.uk for further details

7. Congratulate yourself

Once your event is complete and you have made your donation to Kidscape, be sure to give yourself a well-deserved round of applause. Well done and thank you from everyone at Kidscape!

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