Where can I get help?

Bullying is a terrible thing to have to experience. It can make you feel scared, depressed, worthless and most of all, alone. It is likely you are constantly asking yourself 'why me?'

But it doesn't have to be like this, there are many people who can help. Telling someone is the first step in taking control of the situation and the start of things beginning to improve.

Talk to your parents

Find a quiet time to talk to your parents or carers about what is happening. Tell them how long it has been going on, who has been involved and how it makes you feel. If you are very nervous, write everything down and show them, or ask a friend or family member to join you.

If you are having horrible visions of your parents storming into the school in anger, just be honest with them. While they may need to speak to the school, explain how they can do this in a positive way that doesn't make it worse. Remember that they will have your best interests at heart; you just need to give them the chance to support you.

Report to the school

You can either report directly to your teacher, or have your parents do so on your behalf. It is the school's responsibility to keep you safe from bullying, so there will be procedures in place to support you.

Talk to a friend

Surrounding yourself with good friends is one of the best ways to prevent bullying. If you already have a group of friends that are supportive and trustworthy, that's great. Confide in them about what is happening and ask for their help.

If it seems that you don't have any friends, or the ones you thought you had are actually the people who are bullying you, visit our friends and frenemies section for loads of practical tips on how to meet new people.

Reporting cyber bullying

If you have been experiencing cyber bullying, there are a number people and organisations that can help. Visit our dealing with cyber bullying page for more information.

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