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We offer telephone and email advice, guidance and support to parents, carers and family members who are concerned about their child or young person being bullied in person or over social platforms and phones.

Kidscape's Parent Advice Line is generously supported by Specsavers.


Call 020 7823 5430 (Mon-Tues, 10am-5pm)

Calls are charged at local rate

If you find it easier to email your concerns you can fill out the contact form here. We aim to reply to your message within seven working days. 

Please note this is not an emergency service. 

What to expect when you call our advice line

You will be connected to our Parent Support Adviser who will listen to your concerns and work with you to find the best solution.

We can help you by providing professional guidance on school protocols and statutory responsibilities the school has towards ALL students to tackle bullying and keep students safe.

We can support you with all issues related to bullying, including the processes in tackling bullying, tips on keeping your child safe, as well guiding you on how to support your child.

What happens next?

If you feel the bullying has not been addressed by the school, or your child's behaviour is continuing to be affected, you can call us again and we will advise you further.

ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops

If you feel you need further support for yourself or your child, we can refer you to our free ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops to build confidence and share ways of tackling bullying positively. The workshop is conditional to children and young people meeting the criteria for referral.


Discussions between you and the Parent Support Adviser will be confidential, unless we deem a child is at risk of harm. We will also need to pass on any concerns we have of a parent/carer intent on harming others.

What is bullying?

Bullying is a relationship that involves the imbalance of power. Power is used intentionally by a group or an individual usually repeatedly and over time, against another individual or group to hurt them.

Read more Facts about bullying

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