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Using the Kidscape logo

The use of the Kidscape logo by any third party organisation or individual must be agreed upon by Kidscape; with all final proposals for use to be submitted and signed off by the communications department via communications@kidscape.org.uk

There are limited occasions where the use of Kidscape's logo does not require prior consent.

These include:

  • Online service directories advertising Kidscape's work and available support.
  • Any organisation that has participated in one of Kidscape's projects or training and wishes to highlight this on its website (please refer to points 5 and 6 in the logo specifications below).
  • Any organisation, individual or group that is supporting Kidscape through fundraising activities or as part of a corporate relationship (please refer to points 5 and 6 in the logo specifications below).

Please note, these circumstances only refer to static website use; any use within video or printed material must be submitted for approval.

In all circumstances, any use of the Kidscape logo that falls outside of the following specifications is strictly prohibited.

Logo specifications

  1. Only the approved Kidscape logos can be used. In addition to the two colour red and blue logo, monotone black or white versions are also available on request. However, please choose the two colour red and blue logo wherever possible.
  2. All logos must be obtained through Kidscape.
  3. The logo should never be produced in a size less than 30mm in width for printed materials, or 145px in width for online use.
  4. For printed materials and documents, the logo should appear in the top right corner wherever possible.
  5. The logo must not be combined with any other object, including but not limited to other logos, graphics or straplines unless agreed upon by Kidscape.
  6. The logo may not be used in any manner that implies the third party is sponsored, endorsed, certified by, or in partnership with Kidscape (unless an arrangement has been explicitly agreed upon by both parties). This includes implied endorsement of any training or services the third party offers, or suggestion that the third party is speaking on behalf of Kidscape within the anti-bullying or child protection sphere. 

Logo placement and alterations

Please do not:

  • Place the two colour red and blue logo on any background other than white.
  • Place the white logo on a light coloured background.
  • Place the black logo on a dark coloured background.
  • Place any logo on a photographic or patterned background.
  • Create a box around the logo.
  • Change the colour of the logo.
  • Add any effects to the logo.
  • Change the orientation of the logo.
  • Crop the logo.
  • Distort the proportions of the logo through stretching or squeezing.
  • Edit, recreate or replace any part of the logo.

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