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ZAP offers a fresh start


My experience of bullying started in primary school. In my early years, I was treated like an outsider and was verbally abused for being different to my peers. Once I joined secondary school, this abuse intensified and began to manifest in a physical nature - I was assaulted and feared coming in to my own school.

As horrible as this was for me, I can only imagine what my parents went through. My father once shared that he used to dread a phone call from my mother at 3:30pm every day, the time I would come home from school, because he was so worried about what might have happened to me. Being bullied placed a huge strain on myself, my parents, and our relationship.

My parents turned to Kidscape for support in 2007. My Dad phoned the charity looking for guidance, and was nearly in tears as he told our story. The charity quickly provided telephone counsel and arranged for me to be enrolled in what I believe is the ZAP course you still offer today. 

During the course, I learnt the tools and techniques to help combat the experience I was having at school. More importantly, I was introduced to a network of volunteers who instilled in me a sense of self worth I still carry today. To sit in a room full of people who treated me like an equal, and who recognised that we’re all unique and special in our own right was a powerful experience. 

Looking back, I feel that my interaction with Kidscape helped put me on the path to success. It’s strange to think that a single day of being looked after, listened to (and teased by Michelle about my Minnesota Vikings jumper!) has given me the foundations to build the life I live today.

Not long after my course with Kidscape, I had the opportunity to move schools and have a fresh start. The skillset I acquired though your course helped me to integrate into a new environment, and has been key to my progress both at university and in the workplace.

Kidscape is a charity which really does make a difference to the lives of both parents and children. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given to me and my family. 

Thomas Joy

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