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I accessed your help for Bailey when we had tried everything else we could for him. He took part in one of your ZAP courses. 

I cannot tell you how much the course did for him. I look at pictures of that day and remember it vividly as we saw a huge change even on the tube journey back to Euston for our journey home to Northampton.  

I wanted to share some recent good news with you:  

I truly believe what you taught Bailey helped turn him into the young man we have today, who now is almost two thirds of a way through a year's apprenticeship at Specsavers. He didn't get what he expected in his GCSE's but had already been for an interview for the apprenticeship.  His very first interview ever, he'd only been looking for part time work. Being just 16 when he started it back in September last year he has changed a huge amount. 

I remember back to before the ZAP course and worrying he may never have the confidence to look at and interact with people like he did before the bullying started just as he began secondary school. So to now see him suited and booted everyday, and hearing how well he's doing and sneakily seeing and hearing him interact with customers makes my heart swell. He and I are also so glad to know that Specsavers are partners of yours in fundraising. I know he has been able to share with his work colleagues about his experiences with being bullied which is something I know would have been difficult for him.  

I may not be expressing eloquently what I am trying to say but actually just THANK YOU would sum it up.

Louise Foulsham-McFall

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