Annual Review 2012-13

Growing together



A letter from the Director

Every one of the past four years that I have been Director of Kidscape has brought its challenges and successes, as well as inspiring and humbling examples of young people transforming their lives and growing into the people that they want to be.

It has been heartening to see so many parents developing new skills to help their children with issues around bullying, and taking these skills back into their own communities.

We have also seen a significant number of professionals not only passing on Kidscape strategies, but also hope, courage and determination, which form the real seeds of change.

We continue to strive to achieve our vision of eradicating bullying in all its forms, but sadly there is much work left to do. During the year under review we have completed a major project that is right at the heart of our approach. This Department for Education funded initiative, 'Bullying Intervention Training' (BIT), which was rolled out across England, reached 35,730 young people against a target of 30,000. Importantly, 83% of the beneficiaries reported improved confidence and 75% of the young people trained demonstrated changed behaviour and improved control in challenging situations. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated trainers we have been able to convert our objectives into operational reality.

Kidscape trainers also delivered a range of anti-bullying and child protection sessions to over 17,000 professionals and approximately 3,000 young people during the year under review. Our ongoing relationship with the British International Schools took our trainers to countries as far afield as Thailand and Egypt. Kidscape's flagship ZAP sessions equipped almost 300 severely bullied children and their families from across the UK with vital life skills. The provision of this kind of early intervention, as well as responsive services such as our helplines, enable us to fulfil our mission to keep children safe from harm.

"Primary Bullying Intervention will operate in nine London boroughs and reach over 11,000 children by March 2015."

The year ahead will be filled with challenges, but also with further exciting opportunities to deliver our vital work. Our Positive Assertive Confidence Skills (PACS) early intervention programme will enter its second year of delivery reaching many more young people in Essex and Wolverhampton and September 2013 will see the launch of a most exciting Primary Bullying Intervention programme, which will operate in nine London boroughs and reach over 11,000 children by March 2015.

A major aim during the next year will be to embed a more sustainable organisational structure for Kidscape. The new model will provide the flexibility required to respond to opportunities and funding challenges in the current climate. Importantly it will help us to streamline functions that support Kidscape's excellence in quality, delivery and future growth.

Our many achievements would not have been possible without the huge efforts and support of all our wonderful Trustees, staff team, volunteers and supporters over the past year, another turbulent period in the charity sector. It is their selfless and tireless commitment to the work of Kidscape that helps us to excel at what we do.

This report celebrates what is at the heart of our organisation: a determination to ensure children live in a safe and nurturing environment and to help them to grow into fulfilled human beings. It is our hope that in its pages you will find the encouragement and inspiration to continue or to begin your support of our vital work. On behalf of the children and families that we have worked with over the past year, let me convey their deep gratitude to you. It is your support that enables us to continue our vital work that changes and saves lives.

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