Preventing bullying, protecting children

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How to stay safe online

Alongside the wonderful and exciting things that the web brings, there can be hidden dangers as well.

For example:

  • In internet chat rooms, people can pretend to be someone that they aren't and entice you to meet them.
  • You can receive unwanted and nasty emails, texts or have something posted on a website about you. This is known as cyber bullying.
  • People can use your personal details for their own purpose.

There are a few rules that you need to stick to make your time on the internet or in chat rooms as safe as possible. Rather than list them here, there are a couple of websites that you can visit to get advice

  • Visit Childnet International and follow the SMART rules.
  • For advice on chat-room safety take a look at Chatdanger.
  • has some straight-talking advice on many aspects of online safety - follow the sections from the dropdown box on the opening page.
  • CEOP has some useful information, and will also let you report anything you've seen or experienced on the internet that has made you feel threatened or uncomfortable.

If you do encounter problems with something you do on the internet, TELL SOMEONE. You'll not only be protecting yourself but other people of your age as well.

Your parents, teacher or a trusted adult will be able to help you. If they want some advice, then get them to read this page.

The Government's Department for Children, Schools and Familes have also produced guidelines on cyber bullying.