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School Anti-Bullying Policy

Head teachers must by law have a policy to prevent all forms of bullying among pupils.

Occasionally, schools are reluctant to provide access to their policies. Some parents we have been in contact with have met with evasive responses, examples of which are listed below.

If you have requested to view an Anti-Bullying Policy at a school and have not been satisfied with the schools response, please email us and let us know the details.

We might not be able to do anything directly, but it may help other parents feel they are not alone in their experiences.

Don't forget you can also keep a record of any incidents yourself - have a look at our Bully Log for advice.

Evasive responses

  • We don't have bullying at this school (we don't acknowledge it).
  • Bullying is not tolerated here (it is ignored).
  • It's not bullying, it's just rough and tumble.
  • Your child is not bullied, he/she is popular in the class.
  • Boys/girls will be boys/girls.
  • Your child brings it on him/herself.
  • Your child is attention-seeking.
  • Your child needs anger management/ counselling/ therapy.
  • Your child is over-sensitive.
  • You are going through a divorce aren't you?
  • Your child is upset because you're pregnant.
  • Your child is stressed because of trouble at home (with or without threat to contact Social Services).
  • We cannot reveal how the bully will be dealt with because of student confidentiality.
  • Only the headteacher has the anti-bullying policy.
  • Our anti-bullying policy is being re-written.
  • We'll post you the anti-bullying policy (never arrives).
  • We haven't got a spare copy of the anti-bullying policy.
  • Unfortunately there were no witnesses, so there is nothing we can do.
  • You are an over-anxious parent.
  • We have talked to the bullies and they were only playing/joking.
  • The bully said it was your child who bullied them (no system for finding truth).