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Youth2Youth closes

After 17 years, the Youth2Youth helpline closes this week. Monday 23 September will be the last helpline night.

Thousands of vulnerable callers have been helped through some very difficult times - lives have been saved.

Whilst this is a significant chapter in the life of Youth2Youth, impacting on so many incredible helpline volunteers, there is good news on the horizon.

From 2014 a national charity will be taking over the project. They aim to develop and extend the helpline to offer volunteer opportunities across the country.

A press release will follow in the coming weeks.

Notes to editors

Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe by working to prevent their abuse and exploitation, and offers unique and innovative anti-bullying programmes. We work to prevent any kind of bullying including emotional, physical and cyber bullying. Kidscape works to provide individuals and communities with practical skills to prevent harm.

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