Words to inspire young girls - and anyone young at heart!

Did you know that 93% of girls have greater aspirations after following inspiring women on social media? That's why the #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign is back, and it's here to inspire young girls!

Girls everywhere face challenges like self-doubt, societal stereotypes, and limited exposure to female role models. The recent 2023 Girlguiding Attitudes Survey showed that girls' happiness has hit an all-time low. But Inspiring Girls is running the #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign to show girls the limitless possibilities available to them.

The campaign started in 2021 when they joined forces with hundreds of thousands of extraordinary women, all sharing their powerful #ThisLittleGirlIsMe posts. Since then, they have seen an array of exceptional women, including Annie Lennox, Tessy Ojo, Arianna Huffington, June Sarpong, Bethenny Frankel, Billie Jean King, Diane Russet, Lorraine Kelly, Melinda French Gates and Samantha Renke, sharing their inspiring stories.

The impact of the campaign so far has been nothing short of extraordinary, with LinkedIn declaring it the most sensational "buzz" ever witnessed on their platform. Since 2021, Inspiring Girls have reached over 47 million people worldwide, and this year, their ambitions are soaring higher than ever!

We thought we'd join in at Kidscape by sharing the heartfelt advice we'd give to our younger selves.

Paula Timms, Chief Executive

I would tell my younger self that being different is a quality that you should be proud of and that you shouldn’t keep trying to fit in. I do wish I knew then that being myself is amazing and being different is wonderful as an adult, it helps you to shine!

Hayley Smith, Fundraiser

I wish I could tell my younger self that the things your classmates call you “weird” for right now will be the things that make you a valued friend, partner and (dog) mother in the future! I wish I could tell go back and tell younger Hayley that the teasing and bullying will make you a strong and independent woman in the future – in the long run, you’ll stop caring about trying to fit in with all the others, because you never will. And guess what? When you grow up, being unique is what everyone else is trying to do anyway… you just started younger than the others! So, embrace the “weird” and try to enjoy being the authentic you.

Irene Cantizano, Communications Manager

I would tell my younger self not to be so afraid. I would also give myself a big hug.

Kathryn Hames, Head of Income Generation and Partnerships

I would tell my younger self to try not to sweat the small stuff and keep perspective on what really matters.

Kat Fuller, Parent Support Manager

I would tell my younger self that being an introvert is a positive thing. Be proud of who you are.

Bryony Glover, Head of Digital Services

I would tell my younger self that although the world feels scary, she's not strange or broken for being frightened. In time, the grown-up version of her will be able to look after the little her and help her to feel safe. And I would tell her that although it's great to please other people, it's ok for her to value herself, too.

Sarah Lewis, Regional Manager (South West England)

I would tell my younger self not to rush; let things unfold, but make sure you take all those opportunities that come at you. Life is full of change, and that’s ok.

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