For children, the hardest place to be poor is school. Here's why.

Written by Lorna Nicoll, Poverty Proofing© the School Day Team Manager at Children North East.

Our Poverty Proofing© work began in 2011 with a consultation with children and young people throughout t…

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To get the ne…

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Kidscape teams up with Governors for Schools to tackle bullying

Bullying represents one of the most complex challenges facing schools and governing boards today. According to research from the Anti-Bullying Alliance, one in every four UK children is bullied freque…

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Pride Month: 10 Top Tips for Coping with Bullying

It is no secret that those of us within the LGBT community are unfortunately more likely to be victims of bullying, with studies reporting that at least 45% of all LGBT people are bullied at school (S…

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How you can protect your mental health when your child is having a tough time

It can be difficult to nourish ourselves in our parenting journey at the best of times, but in the midst of a global pandemic, when our children are facing their own struggles, it can feel completely …

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Using symbols to help autistic children who are bullied

By Lynn McCann

Autism Acceptance Week is upon us and the best part of my job as an autism specialist teacher at Reachout ASC is listening to the young people I support. Their experience and point of …

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Tricky conversations: How can teachers have a good meeting with parents or carers?

By Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO Kidscape

As a parent myself, I know how it feels when the teacher ‘wants to have a chat’. Or ‘a quick word’. Or even worse, ‘a meeting’. Your palms start to sweat, anxiety…

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Kidscape and Giants Live announce new charity partnership for 2022 Tour

Kidscape and Giants Live are delighted to announce a new partnership to keep children safe from bullying and harm.

Giants Live will donate a minimum of £5,000 to Kidscape at the end of ‘The World’s S…

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How can I keep my child safe on WhatsApp?

Firstly, what is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messaging app that allows users to send messages, voice messages, images, and videos. You can also make calls (including video). You are meant to be 16 t…

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