Catherine Kodagoda shares why she released a charity single for Kidscape

Having always had a passion for singing, it has been a personal ambition of mine to make a professional recording of a song and dedicate it to my children. This idea grew into deciding to make a recording of a song WITH my children, who have turned out to be great little singers themselves! When we talked about it, we felt it would be a good idea to turn our recording into a charity single for a cause we all feel that is important and meaningful to us, and decided upon the anti-bullying charity, Kidscape.

Amy and David have been fortunate to go to a school where they are taught to respect one another and where bullying is never tolerated. When I was at school, and was the victim of bullying for a brief time, my school were very supportive to me and took quick action to stop the bullying. Nevertheless, the experience has stayed with me all of my life and to this day fills me with anxiety when I remember it.

Not all children are lucky enough to receive the right support. In my work as a Clinical Psychologist, I have become acutely aware of the devastating impact of bullying and see increasing numbers of children and adolescents experiencing significant mental health problems as a direct result of bullying. As a mother, it is one of my greatest fears for my children to be victims of bullying. From a professional and personal point of view, therefore, supporting victims of bullying and promoting anti-bullying is an area I feel passionately about.

Amy, David and I chose to record a cover the song 'At Your Side' by the Corrs. The Corrs family wrote the song, which is about being there for each other and supporting one another through good times and bad. The words seemed very appropriate for us to sing to each other as a family but also as a message to children to treat each other with respect and care and to be there to support one another.

Amy, David and I have had great fun recording this single and making the video. We hope you enjoy listening!

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO Kidscape, says:

"We hope this song will give hope to any children or families who are struggling with a bullying situation. It can feel like a very lonely place, but please know that there are people that care, and you will get through this. Never feel like you have to go through this alone. Kidscape are here to help."


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