Volunteer spotlight: Meet James!

Meet James

Introducing: James

Each quarter we will be meeting one of our volunteers, finding out a bit about them and why they volunteer for Kidscape.

  • Volunteering at Kidscape since February
  • Role: Workshop volunteer (London)


I wanted to volunteer at Kidscape because

I was bullied when I was at school, so deciding which charity to volunteer with was a no-brainer. Bullying is something I care very deeply about and I feel like my first-hand experience helps me relate to the children and what they are going through in a way that can really make a difference.

I’m very proud to be involved with Kidscape, because it offers children something very special - the opportunity to make changes that will improve their lives. So far it’s been extremely rewarding to help the children and their parents not only learn that they aren’t alone, but to develop the tools, awareness and find the support that will help them overcome such a difficult period in their lives.

Most interesting thing I have seen or heard whilst volunteering

How dismal the school system can be in dealing with bullying. Some of the stories I’ve heard are extremely disappointing, but I know that Kidscape offers plenty of information and strategies that can be very effective.

Also, I can tell that children respond positively to the experience of being in the same room as others who are dealing with something similar. Just by attending the workshop with others going through the same thing, children immediately discover that they aren’t alone. It somehow validates the fight back.

When I am not a Kidscape Super Volunteer I like to spend my time...

Staying inspired for my job as a video editor. I watch a LOT of movies! I play and listen to music, seek out interesting exhibitions and lectures on all things art, science and psychology based. And it would be silly of me to not mention video games! My guilty pleasure.

An interesting fact about me

I’m a born and bred Londoner. London has become such a diverse, international city, being from here has become something I’m quite proud of! It’s a demanding place to live, but as they say: ‘tired of London, tired of life.’ I try and explore and enjoy as much as I can. And of course, it’s where Kidscape is!

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