Remember A Charity Week: "I want to provide the kind of support to children that was not available to me when I needed help"

By Jill Taylor, Fundraising Officer

This week is Remember A Charity Week. It’s a topic that many of us put off thinking and talking about: what happens after you’re gone. Yet writing a will is something that we all ought to do.

A quarter of people mention a charity in their wills, and legacy gifts are a vital source of income for charities. Some people see it as a way of changing the future where they can’t change the past. I was moved by this message from a Kidscape supporter, who told us why he had included Kidscape when writing his will, and I wanted to share it with you this Remember A Charity Week:

“I suffered many instances of both mental and physical bullying. In the Fifties and Sixties, there wasn’t anywhere for me to gain some kind of sanctuary, indeed I didn’t seek sanctuary as what I was going through was the norm. The only sanctuary for me I slowly discovered was solitude.”
“As I entered my fifties, it became obvious that I was not going to be one of the many men who settle down and have children to pass on their legacy to. I looked around for a charity that I could relate to, so that I could leave my legacy to them. By searching the internet I found Kidscape and became a donor.”
“The objective of leaving a legacy for a charity like Kidscape is to help to provide the kind of support to young children that was not available to me when I needed help. To help those who suffer from abuse as I did is the least I can do.”

If you’re thinking of leaving a gift to Kidscape in your will, we are truly grateful, and your gift will help us to keep preventing bullying and supporting children and families affected by it. Please get in touch with the fundraising team if you’d like to consider leaving a legacy to future generations, so we can thank you and keep you up to date with our activities.

Learn more about leaving a legacy gift to Kidscape

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