Hope for children and families experiencing bullying in Wales

We’re launching our high-impact ZAP workshops in Wales this Anti-Bullying Week! ZAP workshops help build confidence and esteem in children and young people and dramatically reduce the impact of bullying.

Bullying can happen anywhere but we can all take action to stop it, and empower our children to recognise and respond to bullying situations. 6% of children are bullied every day, the equivalent of one child per classroom. Bullying is known to have a serious impact on school attendance, academic results, mental health and family life, but with the right intervention the effects don’t have to last a lifetime.

Kidscape has delivered ZAP workshops in England for many years, and achieved phenomenal results in helping children, young people and families. A recent evaluation found that after attending a ZAP workshop, 95% of children feel better about themselves and 98% feel more able to deal with a bullying situation. In the longer term, 90% of children experience an improvement in mental health and 72% experience less bullying.

Through start up funding from the Dulverton Trust we have now been able to launch our workshops in Wales, and, the first Kidscape ZAP workshops will be running in Newport on 24th January and 14th March. Kidscape Representative for Wales, Carole Phillips, is reaching out to schools and communities to raise awareness of our workshops and provide further support to Welsh children and families.

According to research by Estyn, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, “Most schools hold an ‘anti-bullying week’ annually that normally includes issues related to the protected characteristics. These weeks usually focus on developing pupils’ personal, social and emotional skills, including greater resilience in dealing with bullying. However, developing resilience is less well planned for in the school curriculum generally.” Kidscape ZAP workshops help to fill this gap by building self-esteem and confidence as well as effective strategies for handling bullying situations.

Bullying can also have a negative impact on the families of children being bullied, who often feel powerless and isolated. The Kidscape ZAP programme includes a separate workshop for parents and carers. 91% of parents who attended felt more able to support their children, and 97% felt they knew more about communicating effectively with their child’s school. Overall, Kidscape ZAP has a hugely positive impact on family relationships, and 91% of children feel more supported by their parents and that family relationships have improved. Parents and children who attended a Kidscape ZAP workshop report their lives have changed for the better.

In a 2014 report, Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales said:

“While we heard about and witnessed some excellent practices in contemporary schools, it is clear that bullying is still a widespread concern for children in 2017. Children, their parents, teachers and other school staff need the skills to prevent and tackle bullying when it occurs in every school in Wales."

Kidscape ZAP addresses this need to equip families with the skills to prevent and tackle bullying.

Kidscape Representative for Wales Carole Phillips said:

“I’m proud to be giving hope to children and young people in Wales. Bullying can feel scary and overwhelming, but help is at hand. There’s power inside you to feel better and stand strong, but sometimes you might need somebody to help you to unlock it. That’s why we’re here. I’ve heard inspiring stories from England, from children and parents alike of how since coming to ZAP, they’ve gained the confidence to stand up to bullying, to take part in activities they never dreamed of doing before, and even intervene when other children are being bullied. I’m delighted to be bringing this incredible model to Wales.”

If you are a parent or carer and you might like to learn more about our ZAP workshops. If you work in a school in South Wales, email zap@kidscape.org.uk to inquire about how we can work with you.

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