Parenting blogger 'Part-Time Working Mummy' becomes a Kidscape ambassador


Author, blogger and Mum of five; Part-Time Working Mummy, aka Rachaele Hambleton, has joined Team Kidscape as an ambassador.

Rachaele only started her blog a few years ago, but through her honest account of parenting and tackling issues such as bullying and domestic violence, her following has rapidly grown. Rachaele has also written her first book which will be released in July.

Rachaele’s role as Kidscape ambassador will be to raise awareness of our work and to be a voice for Kidscape through social media and directly in her local community.

She’ll be posting information and advice about what to do if you or someone you care about is going through a bullying situation, and giving assemblies at local schools to encourage children and young people to take action against bullying.

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO of Kidscape, commented:

“We’re delighted to be working with Rachaele Hambleton who is an inspiration to many parents and carers across the UK. It’s essential that families know what to do when their child is facing a bullying situation, as well as children themselves. Many parents come to Kidscape at their wits’ end, wishing they knew what to do to make the situation stop. Rachaele can help us reach out to families in need and help bullying stop.”

Rachaele Hambleton added:

“Since beginning ‘Part-Time Working Mummy’ it has opened my eyes to how much of an issue bullying is. I have seen it happen on social media, in our schools and between adults.
I have met parents who have lost their children because of bullying and I have come to realise the effects can be truly devastating.
“As a mum, and having the social media platform I do, I feel it is my duty to do more. I want to help, support and raise awareness for anyone experiencing bullying. Having worked with Kidscape in the past, I am aware of the fantastic work they do which is why I am truly honoured to become one of their ambassadors and will work hard to be a voice to those who need it most.”

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